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Friday, March 25, 2011


One year ago this afternoon, I was helping Hailey deliver her beautiful puppies, while my neighbor accepted delivery of my new washer and dryer .... everything happens at once! But, I needed it for all the puppy bedding I was about to have to wash continuously.

I am tickled to share update on Oddie(our Dash) and Finnegan (our Hank).

Odie is such a sweet dog. Such a cute personality. He gets along with people and other dogs so well. He lives to play catch. He loves the dog park where he enjoys playing keep away from the other dogs. I sure love him.

We love our boy so much, he is very sweet and very cuddly. He seems so big too...he weighs 63 pounds today. Where does the time go? Soon it will be back to training, once the 12" of snow that we received on tues/weds melts! We have plans to get him on some birds at a local club/preserve this spring & summer so that he is totally ready for this fall.

He loves going fishing with Jon- when the boat is moving up or down river he heads up to the bow and puts his face into the wind and does what Jon call's "super Griffon", it's pretty funny. He and Ziggy are best buddies. They still love to go for long walks and romping in the woods.

Christy and I have never been around any animal that makes us laugh as much as he does, he's just kind of goofy! He also is very stubborn/determined. Once he has made up his mind it is very hard to alter his plans. Especially if it involves smelling something!
Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.

These wonderful updates make me feel like such a proud mom (or grandma).

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