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Friday, April 15, 2011

6 months old

I received an update on Henry (Chumlee) as he turns 6 months old in a few days...

Attached are a few photos of Henry at 6 months. He is up to 47 pounds and has lost all of his puppy teeth. He graduated puppy obedience school a few weeks ago and was the star of the class. Henry is very friendly with everyone he meets including other dogs in the neighborhood and at the dog park. He loves to run around outside exploring and playing fetch. Also, he is a champion hunter of socks in the house and loves to be chased around when he gets a hold of them.

I couldn't help but laugh because B'Nellie loves to steal socks too, and has passed this down to her pups I guess.

Isn't he adorable!!??

Less that 2 weeks and there will be new puppy news!!!!

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