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Friday, April 29, 2011

More puppy pics and an Update!

My they are growing fast. They are gaining an average of 2 ounces a day and their little tummies are quite round. Last night I did the first round of nail clippings with Hailey's supervision. Tonight will be our first of 5-6 nights of kitchen floor stressing. Our neighbor's daughter is going to be my assitant with this litter and she is very excited to come over and help tonight ... she is 7 years old.

Light Pink and Dark Green....

Red, Brown and Light Green....

Light Blue and Dark Pink...

Black and Yellow....

All spread out in little groups....

This is a recent update I recieved about B'Nellie's puppy that we had named Roy, and soon was known as Big Boy Roy. He sure was a chubby one! He is now Father Shamus and is quite a handsome boy ....

Here are a couple of pictures of our boy at six months. My, has he grown.

24 inches at the shoulder
57 pounds of all puppy.

He’s out “huntn em up” with me on a two mile hike at Ransom Lake. He did three water retrieves and sniff’d up a wood pecker and did a short point on a duck.

Truly a “good boy”

I hope you enjoy ... I know that I sure do!!

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