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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Twilight Litter

The movie "Twilight" was only a few weeks away and my girls wanted me to name this litter after the characters in the book. Having not read the book, it was hard for me to keep them all straight, so I picked up a copy and ended up reading the whole series. Here they are, only 24 hours old....

Molson, our Carlisle is local and they go to the same vet as we do. He was the last to go, and was so docile the day they came to see him, and then became a real puppy when they got him home. We knew he'd be a big boy....
Molson is doing great, he just seemed to thicken out in the last two months. He is a BIG dog. He is still a big goofball and we love him more than ever.
He is pictured on the left .....

Here is Ryder's (Esme)celebrating her 3rd birthday last weekend:

Hopefully, I'll have some more pics to share soon!

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