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Monday, March 25, 2013

This 'N That

Our B'Nellie's pregnancy attempt this past fall did not take and she went through a false pregnancy. She was pretty convincing too with the added weight, even my vet thought she had to be pregnant, but it was not meant to be that time around. Huntley is aging gracefully, so we are in the works of finding a stud dog for B'Nellie's next heat cycle. A lot of people have decide to wait with us that were on the list for her pups, and for that I thank you and hopefully we will have some good news this spring/summer. No one misses having a litter of pups more than I do! Today is the 3rd birthday of Hailey's "C" litter. Happy birthday to those cute little babies!! I know you all have fantastic homes and I love the updates I receive. Here is a picture of Dash (Odie) showing off his birthday toy. We continue to be very busy with our pack of Griff's .... especially Mizz Rizzo....she has more energy than the other 4 combined. She and B'Nellie are best buddies though and play wonderfully together. We planon testing Rizzo for natural ability with NAVHDA this summer and I am going to attempt showing her also. It is a learning experience for us both. Thank you to all my faithful followers. Happy Easter!!

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