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Monday, June 1, 2015

It won't be long now.....

Now to get us all back up to date!!

Rizzo is indeed pregnant, so what else to do but have a shotgun wedding for these two hunting dogs.   My husband Jeff performed the short ceremony and as you can see they were both paying careful attention to his words.    Mess around behind the wood shed young man, and this is what happens!

They have promised to love one another, but Chip is allowed a more open arrangement as he is a stud dog.  :-)
The x-ray was done a few days ago and it looks like 12....some say even 13!!

So, we have been extremely busy getting ready for our new little bundles of joy.   Yesterday we found the whelping box, cleaned it up and let her try it out for size. 

And, while the box is nice and all....she still prefers the bed (although how she gets up there is beyond me) and her hubby Chip is staying true.....

So, in a few more days we should have puppy news.    It's so exciting!

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